BASEUS 100W USB Type C to USB Type C Cable, 1m

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BASEUS 100W USB Type C to USB Type C Cable, 1m * Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to Type-C 100W * Material Zinc alloy+Nylon braided wire * Power 100W (20V/5A) * Transmission rate 480Mbps * Length 1m/2m * Input interface Type-C * Output interface Type-C * Transfer Files of 1G in 24 Seconds The speed is as fast as 480Mbps, fast charging/fast data transfer. * E-Marker Chips Smart recognition of fast charging devices helps it control current and voltage properly and ensure safe fast charge. * Adapt to Huawei/Xiaomi Fast Charging 5A high current, supports multiple fast charging protocols, fully fast charging cellphones/tablets. * Supports Laptop Direct Charging Support 20V/5A, 100W high power fast charge, exclusively designed for laptops requiring 60W+ charging power. * Premium Nylon Braided Cables, Exceeding Industrial Standard Durable and solid * Special Treatment Process, Abrasion Resistant and Colorfast Hard to oxidize and blacken, without affecting charging speed * High-gloss Alloy, Black and Premium Black zinc alloy exterior with mirror finish for enhanced gloss, refraction and texture.