BASEUS 15W Magnetic Fast Wireless Charger, Clear

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BASEUS 15W Magnetic Fast Wireless Charger, Clear * Highly Transmitting Glass * Crystal clear, good conductivity, faster charging without delay * 15W Quick Charge, * Full Compatibility * Making You Sleep Safely and Peacefully * Soft light BLN, clear charging state * About 6mm, Little and Portable * Thinner than iP 11, convenient for daily carrying * Support Multiple Models Compatible models list For iP: iP 11 x iP 11 Pros iP 11 Pro maxs iP XSx iPXx Pods Pods Pro… For SAMSUNG: Galaxy S10x Galaxy S10+x Galaxy S9X Galaxy S9+ Galaxy S8s Galaxy S8+… For HUAWEI: Mate3Ck Mate30 Pros Mate30 P30 Pro Mate20 Pro Mate20 For Xiaomi: Xiaomi 9/Pro, Xiaomi MIX3/ MIX2S… Model: BS-WC-P10C Name: Baseus Simple Wireless Charger (Updated Version) Material: Aluminum alloy + Tempered glass Color: Black/White/Transparent Interface: Type-C input Input Current: 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/2A Max. (It is recommended to use the QC3.0 adapter with power of 18W or above.) Compatibility: Supports Qi-compliant wireless charging devices Product Weight: 69g (without packaging) Minimalist Design You can feel its sense of technology from its minimalist design of track-like oval, slim shape and exquisite transparency. Output with High Power of 15W Support 15W wireless charging, charging starts immediately once placed Thin and Portable Breakthrough 6.2mm thickness, it’s so light and small that can easy to carry away.and do not take up space. Support Wireless Charging for Headphones Its low-power mode supports charging low-power devices such as wireless headphones. Nine Safety Guarantees