BASEUS 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

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BASEUS 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Make home movies like the Hollywood pros with this brand new, futuristic Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer that allows motion tracking, time-lapse photography, app control, 3-axis stabilization, and much more! Gone are the days of carrying around bulky camera equipment to get the perfect shot. Now you can produce incredible videography without all the hassle! The incredible Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer offers an incredible range of user-friendly features. Features: Three-axis stabilization – Tilt, Pan, and Roll Intelligent automatic motion tracking – (Face and object) 180/320° Panoramic shooting Auto-calibration Time-lapse photography Multi-angle shooting Anti-shake stability One-click transition effects Manual zoom Smart controls mobile app 12 Hour battery life All this high-performance tech, in a lightweight, easy-to-carry design! Fits phones up to 92mm (Max width) with a maximum weight of 250g. 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal The three-axis stabilization technology is used to greatly improve the stability of the gimbal and ensure smooth video recording. Smart APP Expansion Enjoy shooting moments by using multiple intelligent functions expanded through the APP. Gimbal Rocking Bar The rocking bar can move in all directions so as to rotate footage and easily follow to create more professional videos. Hitchcockian Zooming No need to have impressive shooting skills, you can easily shoot a film-quality video assisted by the APF. 320° Wide-angle Panoramic Shooting 320° wide-angle panoramic shooting captures every beautiful spot. Easily take a group photo no matter how many people are at the party. Smart-Follow Recording The Smart-Follow shooting function follows faces and objects steadily. Enjoy shooting while walking.   Specifications: Brand: Baseus Material: ABS+PC Color: Black Phone width: <92mm (Max.) Product weight: About 500g Allowable weight: <250g (Max.) Warranty: 1 Year